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You will find us in Hotel Velaris, the bay of Vela Luka. We have dive sites that congest you amazing experiences. Underwater island with a huge amount of fish, the walls starting at a depth of 13 m with bases at a depth of 60-70m. Wrecks and caves of raisins in the form of cave Lucica.

You have the two boats. Conrad 10m-boat type and Pasera wooden boat 11m long, providing us a safe transportation to all items of diving. All boats are equipped with the necessary rescue and oxygen.

The equipment is obviously under control technical, to take care of him has never failed us (and what you wish). Cylinders make fun clean and fresh air by Croatian Bauer compressor. We have the equipment of leading world brands of diving equipment such as Aqualung, SeaQuest, Apex , Xdeep in sizes suitable for large and small divers.




Grażyna Maciejewska (Instruktor Nitrox PSAI, Instruktor IDA/CMAS) 

- our guardian and mainstay. She keeps a close watch on everyone. Nothing can equal the delicacies that she makes for us. Without her, diving wouldn't have such flavour. She is unrivalled in using of vegetables...



Jarek Maciejewski (Instruktor Trainer PSAI, Course Director IDA/CMAS****,
Instr Technical ITDA, IANTD, HSA, DAN) 

- our training manager, a specialist in difficult cases and knowledge-resistant students, an experienced diver of 40 years but never in a rut; his training seminars are long but, fortunately interesting and witty; great guide, knows all interesting diving locations in the area and when to see them. A “bedrock” under water, he provides safety and comfort; on a dry land - we are still discovering him…



Łukasz "Wookie" Maciejewski (AdvEAN, CMAS***)

- dives since he was born:-), he doesn't leaves any one without help, always smiling, in kitchen starts to be equal with the best, ...yummy.